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This is so weird - I did a big post last night and now it's not here! Oh well... I am so glad to see you are blogging again. I love your style and cannot get enough of your homes and your amazing eye for display. I love everything I can see about Heather's kitchen and I'm sure the rest of it is fabulous, even if she doesn't think so! I can't wait to see more of your 'Cheap Chic' posts and more pics of your homes. It is so inspirational... I spent 30 minutes last night perusing all the pictures and then started tweaking my own house! Thanks for sharing your creativity with the blog world and I will be back to visit soon.


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The countertops are amazing and I love the cabinet paint color. Great job!

Deirdre G

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hey i just wanted to say that i follow your blog and have missed your 'rawness' - so to speak-. i could really tell that the posts were diff and i am glad you are back. i never leave comments but just wanted ya to know! cool ok bye

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