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Ladies, I say stay with Typepad. Fancy banners and backgrounds are nice, but I think a fun picture makes for a good banner, (and you can change it when you feel like it). Content is what's important. I'm sure you will get lots of help, I'm here, just ask. xo, suzy


I was in the same boat! I finally figured out that there are amazing resources out there! You don't have to be so technically advanced in Photoshop to have a cute banner or background. E-mail me if you would like more direction-it's easy peasy-I promise!!! BTW-I love your blog-you and Heather are an awesome team!!!
xoxox Minnie


I like blogspot!!! I've never tried typepad though.. But, blogspot is FREE, and very very EASy to do!! If I can figure it out, anyone can!!!!!hahaha!

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Three steps forward .... Still, you know what they say about the man who never made a mistake! Keep going - you'll get there soon - and it's good to have some news again.

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